Hi, I’m Veronica, I am a southern California wedding / portrait photographer based in Orange County. I spend my time capturing life’s ephemeral beauty through the lens of my camera. I approach each photography project from my unique perspective, often reflecting my own love for coastal living – sunlit and carefree. 

I’ve always had a love of visuals. Prior to becoming a photographer, I had a decade long career as a TV producer. Producing TV programs is very much like photography, it’s all about the visual, the unique perspectives and capturing genuine emotions and the essence of life. 

I believe in bold colors, and energetic imagery. Color has immense power to impact an image and express emotions – the result are stunning photos that overflow with joy. 

I work with individuals, couples and families. I believe life is all about moments, and each moment can become ART. With my unique east meets west background (having lived in Hong Kong for 20 years prior to moving to Orange County), my life experiences have helped to create my own unique photography style: Artistic, Timeless, Creative.

If that’s how you’d like to capture your life’s precious moments, reach out.  I can’t wait to hear from you. 

                                           Art @ work  photo by Adam Fu 

                                           Art @ work  photo by Adam Fu